Concern at whaling envoy cost of $1,800 a day

Australia's anti-whaling envoy has been costing taxpayers $1,800 a day - but there's no sign of an end to whaling.

Federal opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt has raised concerns about the cost of the envoy, former diplomat and Sydney Olympics organising committee boss Sandy Hollway, who was appointed to the role in October 2008.

Mr Hollway's position cost just over $300,000 over five months, it was revealed in a Senate estimates hearing. The bill was made up of a salary of $79,200, plus travel and staff costs.

Mr Hunt said the expensive envoy was not attending an upcoming meeting of the International Whaling Commission to lobby on Australia's behalf.

"If there was one meeting that this much-vaunted whaling envoy might have actually attended, that would have been to go to an actual whaling conference," he said.

The hearing heard the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade was considering extending Mr Hollway's contract until September.