Police take subtle swipe at driver snapped in 'accident waiting to happen'

Josh Dutton
News Reporter

An audacious driver in NSW’s Hunter Region has been snapped transporting wood in a particularly ambitious, albeit dangerous manner.

The driver was snapped by a fellow road user in Newcastle after passing through a roundabout while large planks of wood can be seen sticking out of the front passenger-side window through to the boot, which remains ajar with the wooden planks poking out.

It’s not known if the driver has been charged but NSW Police have been contacted for comment. In NSW, driving with an unsecured load can see drivers hit with a $439 penalty and three demerit points.

NSW police have previously told Yahoo News Australia that tied-down loads on light vehicles are only permitted to protrude or overhang by 15cms from the edge of the vehicle.

The NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command shared the image on its popular Facebook page Saturday, appearing to subtly shame the driver for their unusual effort.

On Facebook, people were both confused and amused by the motorist’s efforts.

One man joked that the driver must have been headed for a “jousting contest”.

“My kind of Bunnings trip,” a woman wrote.

Another person said the likely fine would probably would cost more than a delivery fee.

But not everyone was so forgiving of the driver’s antics.

“That’s an accident waiting to happen,” one person wrote, while another called it a “complete load fail”.

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