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Company under fire for installing timers over employees' toilets

A company has caused widespread anger online after it installed timers on toilet cubicles used by its employees.

Images of the toilets from an office of Beijing technology company Kuaishou were shared to Chinese Twitter-like site Weibo on Friday and show electronic timers hanging above each cubicle.

Sensors can be seen on the door frame that are used to trigger the timer.

The post quickly went viral on the social media site, prompting a wave of anger over the bathroom addition from the company.

“This is really miserable for workers that there is no toilet freedom,” one person said.

The toilet timers caused a stir on Chinese social media. Source: Weibo
The toilet timers caused a stir on Chinese social media. Source: Weibo

Many users lambasted the growth of capitalism in China. However a minority suggested timing employees was a good idea, with one person saying it is an opportunity for workers to go on their phones.

“Some people can be on the toilet for up to 30 minutes,” another person said.

After the images gained traction online, the company’s official customer service Weibo account responded to the furore.

The company denied it was timing its staff in cubicles to limit their usage.

It said there has been a “serious” problem of people having to queue to use the toilets in the building due to a lack of bathroom facilities.

Kauishou said the timers, as well as a counter of how many people used a cubicle, were introduced to determine how many extra toilets were needed to be installed to accomodate its staff.

However some Weibo users were not convinced with the explanation, one person arguing the motive was solely to enhance company profits.

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