Company creates underwear that doesn't need to be washed for two weeks

Changing underwear daily is high on most people’s list if they want to maintain a high level of personal hygiene.

But a startup company has released a groundbreaking range of underwear that is set to turn the way we look at cleanliness on its head.

Danish brand Organic Basics claims its underwear doesn’t need changing for up to two weeks after first worn.

Its new range reportedly kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes thanks to silver woven into the fabric.

Made from 100 per cent recycled materials, the Silvertech 2.0 is the newest generation in the line that was first launched in 2017.

Initially funded through a Kickstarter campaign, Organic Basics was the most crowdfunded fashion campaign in Scandinavia.

The Danish company has developed new underwear which they claim doesn’t need to be washed for two weeks straight. Source: Instagram/ Organic Basics

The company’s 27-year-old CEO and co-founder, Mads Fibiger, says they are trying to find an environmentally conscious way to cut back on how often laundry is done.

“Our business is sustainable fashion. The traditional way of buying, wearing, washing and throwing away overpriced underwear is a terrible waste of resources. And it is extremely harmful to the environment,” Mr Fibiger told Business Insider.

Organic Basics says customers could even avoid washing their underwear altogether because the odour and bacteria killing properties never diminish.

However, a wash every every two weeks is advised due to dust and dead skin-cells building up.