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This compact dehumidifier helps reduce car condensation

Help reduce condensation in your car
Help reduce condensation in your car with this top-rated compact dehumidifier. (Getty Images)

Driving a streamy car isn't safe - and blasting the heating to clear the windows isn't cheap.

Enter, the Pingi Car Dehumidifie, a bargain £8 gadget that you'll be glad of for many winters to come.

Why we rate it

The compact dehumidifier bag absorbs moisture, condensation, mist, dampness and odours (great for anyone with pets!), and can be used again and again.

The clever bag absorbs moisture, condensation, mist and dampness. (Pingi / Amazon)
The clever bag absorbs moisture, condensation, mist and dampness. (Pingi / Amazon)

£7.99 £8.89 at Amazon

It easily de-mists windscreens or mirrors, meaning you can use it in your car and in your bathroom post-steamy shower. Some people even use it in their kitchens or garage gyms.

Simply microwave to renew it and then place wherever you need something de-misting.

What the reviews say

With over 13,000 reviews (56% of which are five star and a further 20% four star), it's clear that the nation's drivers are pretty sold on this little gadget. Here's a snapshot of what they had to say:

"Amazing," is a word that pops up time and time again in the reviews, as well as "so clever" and "life-changing". All pretty big claims for such a small item, but it looks as though we were all just crying out for something to help us de-mist our windows fast and more efficiently.

One shopper explained that she had been having real problems with condensation in her car, and even when she wiped the window it still took around 10 minutes at least to clear, plus, on cold days the condensation turned to ice and was even more difficult to manage.

She bought the dehumidifier as a last resort and has been completely "surprised" by how well it has worked, not only has it saved her time, it has also saved her "stress" when getting in her car on a chilly day.

Sound like anyone you know?...

Buy it: Pingi Car and Home Dehumidifier | £7.99 (Was £8.99) from Amazon

£7.99 £8.89 at Amazon

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