Commonwealth Games closing ceremony slammed by everyone, including Channel Seven hosts

Hamish Goodall

The ‘hugely successful’ Gold Coast Commonwealth Games have ended in a disappointing way, with a Closing Ceremony that has been criticised heavily on social media by ‘furious’ viewers.

The Host Broadcaster and Games Organisers chose not to include vision of the athletes entering the stadium in the Closing Ceremony broadcast.

Channel 7 presenter Johanna Griggs and Basil Zempilas let rip into organisers LIVE on air, and defended Seven’s coverage.

"We understand many people have been disappointed by tonight's closing ceremony and to be perfectly honest Jo, so have we been," Zempilas said.

"It hasn't really lived up to expectations and I've got to say it's about the only thing they got wrong, but they did get it wrong tonight."

"I'm sorry you're being way too polite," Griggs fired back.

"People are thinking that Channel Seven has chosen not to show pictures of athletes or not to show the flag-bearer, Kurt Fearnley or other flag-bearers. We can only show the pictures that are provided by the actual host broadcasters.

They made the decision not to have the actual athletes enter the stadium, they made the decision not to show the flag-bearers and I'm furious.”

Watch the full story, Joh and Basil's fiery response and details on the fallout above.