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Combined facts prove guilt in gang killing: prosecutor

Matt Turner/AAP PHOTOS

The murder of an innocent man at point blank range was the by-product of a violent confrontation between two rival bikie gangs, a jury has been told.

Panel beater Jason De Ieso was killed by a shotgun blast to the head at his business in Pooraka, northern Adelaide, in November 2012.

On the fifth and final day of a closing address on Tuesday, crown prosecutor Jim Pearce KC urged the jury to find eight men guilty of killing Mr De Ieso, even though all the evidence against them was circumstantial.

The jury previously heard the group, who had links to the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, murdered the 33-year-old bystander after their intended target left the address minutes before they arrived.

Musa Alzuain, who was 19 years old at the time, is alleged to have pulled the trigger, but Mr Pearce also urged the jury to find the rest of the accused guilty as they were part of a joint enterprise to kill.

As well as Alzuain, now in his 30s, his older brothers Husain Alzuain and Mohamed Alzuain have been charged with Mr De Ieso's murder, along with Daniel Mark Jalleh, Ross William Montgomery, Seywan Moradi, Kyle Lloyd Pryde and Nicholas Sianis.

All have pleaded not guilty.

A ninth man suspected of taking part in the attack has since died.

Mr Pearce said the circumstantial evidence, when taken together, removes the possibility of coincidence and proves beyond reasonable doubt the eight men's guilt.

He argued data from phone towers showed the men were in the area together and CCTV footage from the crime scene depicted men who resembled the accused.

The group also shared a common motive to hit back at a rival member of the Finks bikie gang amid escalating violence between the groups, Mr Pearce said.

"When you combine the evidence it paints a clear unambiguous picture," he said.

"These things were not just a coincidence. They are facts that establish the guilt of these men. They establish that at the time Mr De Ieso was killed there was this violent confrontation between these two groups.

"An innocent man was killed - that's the truth."

Husain Alzuain's defence barrister, Winston Terracini KC, said the prosecution ignored witnesses who contradicted its side of events, including one woman who claimed to see a tattoo on one of the men at the crime scene that didn't match any of the accused.

"The word facts has been used a lot," Mr Terracini said.

"Facts don't go away simply because they're ignored."

Mr Terracini and defence barristers for the other seven accused men will continue their closing addresses on Wednesday.