How To Colour Your Hair At Home And Mistakes To Avoid

Janna Mandell

Worrying about your hair colour may seem like a frivolous vanity during the coronavirus pandemic, but watching your roots grow back to their natural colour on Zoom and FaceTime probably isn’t helping your emotional stress load.

Unless your local salon offers colour-to-go kits (we’ll get to that later), your colourist is probably in complete opposition to you tampering with their hard work. Stylists are pleading with their clients on social media to step away from the boxed hair dye during self-isolation with hashtags like #showusyourroots and #waitforyourstylist.

“Fixing box colour can be super expensive, in some cases taking six months to a year for full correction,” said Meghan Baldwin-Vasquez, a balayage master specialist and colour correction expert at Karisma Salon in Smithtown, New York. While some “hairfluencers” have proclaimed wearing a hat is the only viable alternative, we thought we could offer up more practical solutions for a DIY dye job, if you insist on doing it yourself.

If you’re buying permanent dye, don’t keep it a secret from your stylist. Ask for advice.

“Don’t be afraid to ask your hairdresser for advice before buying,” said Nicole Giannini, master colourist and owner of Siren Beauty Space in the San Francisco Bay Area. “We are service professionals and making recommendations is part of our job. It will bring our clients back with more gratitude.”

Giannini and Baldwin-Vasquez both offer custom curbside at-home colour kits for their clients. Giannini calls her kit the Apocalypse Colour Kit and it includes the client’s custom colour, developer, hairline barrier, cleansing treatment, applicator, brushes and an application tutorial video.

If your colourist isn’t offering colour-to-go kits and you can’t be talked out of using a boxed dye, make sure you select your colour very carefully. Baldwin-Vasquez said that selecting the right shade is the hardest part of doing a boxed dye. “When choosing your colour, keep in...

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