Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert cites ‘Christian morals’ in GOP victory speech

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert credited God and her strong “Christian morals” for her primary victory in the state’s 4th District on Tuesday.

“Glory to God!” she shouted at the start of her acceptance speech in Windsor, Colorado. “Glory to God!”

Boebert announced in late December she’d be leaving Colorado’s 3rd District, which she served since 2021, to compete for “the trust of grassroots conservative voters in the 4th District.”

Among the many obstacles the MAGA firebrand faced while running in a new district was a minor but humiliating sex scandal that played out in a Denver theater during a live performance of “Beetlejuice.”

Audience members complained the recently separated, 37-year-old grandmother was vaping and engaging in heavy petting with her date during the show, which Boebert denied before security video proved she was lying.

Boebert’s campaign also saw the bombastic lawmaker deal with serious domestic issues including public spats with the ex-husband she divorced in October and the February arrest of her 18-year-old son, who faces a handful of felony charges in connection to a “string of vehicle trespass and property thefts.”

But on Tuesday night, Boebert urged her supporters to be “happy joyful warriors” as she now campaigns against Democrat Trisha Calvarese, who won her party’s primary.

“God has given us a weapon and that weapon is what gives us our strength — that weapon is called joy,” Boebert said. “And that joy is not a suggestion, it is a battle plan, it is our strategy to victory.”

Boebert’s 29-point landslide win followed a watch party where she spoke about “conservative values” and “Christian morals,” according to Colorado Public Radio.

She’s endorsed by Republican presidential candidate and former New Yorker Donald Trump. A New York City jury found the Queens native guilty on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records to cover up a hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels