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TikTokers compare ‘ruthless’ experiences with first roommates: ‘A huge red flag’

Is it true that every college student has an awful roommate during freshman year? TikTokers are sharing the truth about their first-year dorm experiences to compare.

TikTok user @urmommsfikfok shared this clip to explain several horror stories about her freshman year roommate. In this video, she refers to the previous roommate as “Carly.”

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“I will never understand having a good first roommate. I had Carly,” @urmommsfikfok wrote in the overlay text. Allegedly, Carly would smoke weed in their dorm and close @urmommsfikfok’s laptop while she was watching Netflix at night with headphones on.

While some commenters did not think Carly’s actions were that bad, viewers with similar roommate experiences sympathized with @urmommsfikfok.

“I’m sorry abt all of these comments. Ik exactly what it’s like to have ur first roommate not listen to u,” a TikToker said.

“Carly is a huge red flag and needs to buy a single dorm next time,” another commented.

“I smoke but ain’t no way I’m smoking indoors. I need fresh air Carly you’re ruthless!!” someone chimed in.

User @smol.noot also had an unfortunate first-year roommate experience, as explained in this TikTok.

“Eunice would game and be on Discord until 5 AM with her friends,” @smol.noot wrote. “I walked in on her and her [long-distance] bf bc I didn’t even know he was here.”

People who also had gamer roommates shared similar complaints in the comments.

“Why are these ppl so inconsiderate? Likeee… I’d love to stay up late and game with my friends but other ppl LIVE HERE? SLEEPING??” a TikToker commented.

“My roomie would game and talk in Discord until 3–5 AM and would clack away with his keyboard so I couldn’t sleep,” another wrote.

On the other hand, TikToker Clarissa shared this clip to express the mixed feelings she had about her first roommate, Chloe.

“She brought two mason jars into our dorm to ‘compost’ but sometimes left rotten food in there for weeks,” Clarissa wrote. “One time, she yelled at me bc I told her leather wasn’t vegan. I love Chloe.”

“I couldn’t tell if this was pro-Chloe or anti-Chloe at first, tbh,” a TikToker joked.

“Very valid, we’re Pro-Chloe in this household,” Clarissa responded.

Despite the various “bad roommate” versions of this TikTok trend, some users got lucky with great first roommates. TikToker @swaggyyanne shared this video to reminisce on her first roommate, Kaitlyn.

“Kaitlyn wrote me little notes if she knew I was having a bad day.” @swaggyyanne wrote. “If u ever saw one of us, u saw the other too. Kaitlyn is gonna be a bridesmaid at my wedding. Everyone needs a Kaitlyn.”

“I hope you understand how great of a blessing this is,” a TikTok user commented.

“Praying I get a Kaitlyn at some point in my life,” another said.

“My freshman year roomie is one of my best friends, and I still talk to her a year out of college,” someone else wrote.

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