College student rescues 'angel' golden retriever mix: 'He is everything I needed'

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A college student’s dream of getting a dog finally came true. But how she got him was bittersweet

The loving relationship between dogs and humans goes back hundreds of years. Canines always provided companionship and a helping hand to their human friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s to herd sheep, get some extra cuddles or even a little therapy; there’s always a good reason to have a dog around.   

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TikToker Adrianne shared the story of how she got her dog, Bobo. It wasn’t an easy journey, but it was well worth it. 

“‘I really want a golden retriever but the weight limit at my apartment is 25 pounds.’ — Me as a lonely college student,” Adrianne said in a video. 

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The student waited until she was a senior and had a part-time job so that she could afford to properly care for a dog. When she was ready to adopt, Adrianne shared what a worker at the animal shelter told her about a dog living there at the time.  

“Meet Bobo. He’s 4 to 5 years old but part golden retriever. His owner passed away and he was left here. He’s been very depressed,” the worker told her. 

Adrianne shared a photo of what Bobo looked like when he was still living in a dog crate at the shelter. There was a sadness to his face, he looked a bit unkempt and his tail didn’t appear to be wagging at all. Still, Adrianne adopted the mourning dog anyway. 

From one photo to the next it was as if Bobo had come to life. In a picture where Adrianne was holding him in her arms, he looked completely full of joy.

“Four years later and he is everything I needed. I will never be left again,” she said.

The touching video received 3.3 million views on TikTok

“Part golden, part angel,” a user declared.

“You can tell he is so happy,” another wrote

“So glad the two of you found each other,” someone added

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