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College graduate gets real about being excluded from hangouts with so-called friends: ‘I feel this’

Model, influencer and Depop seller Savannah Stowers (@svnnhstwrs) has resonated with TikTok users after getting candid about feeling left behind by her college friends.

In late January, Savannah posted a “Get ready with me” video on her TikTok. The two-minute clip shows the influencer talking honestly about feeling disregarded by people she thought of as close friends.

“Get ready with me to go out while I try not to have a mental breakdown,” she begins. “So basically, I found out that all of my friends from college are hanging out without me.

“It’s nothing new, honestly. They do it all the time. It’s just, you’d think after we all graduate, we barely have any opportunities to see each other that at least I would get an invite this time, you know? …. I literally broke down crying to my mom. I was like, ‘Why do they always do this to me?'”

Rather than stay home and dwell, Savannah decided to make her own plans.

“I’ve been living in the same city that we graduated in. A lot of people stayed here. I’ve never been invited to anything, though I’m not surprised at all. I’m just a little fed up, I guess,” she says. “It’s hard feeling like the outcast among your friends, you know?”

“I don’t have time to doubt myself.”

She then shares something she realized about people in college.

“A lot of people are trying to be the people that they didn’t get to be in high school,” she explains. “Either they’re being the person that they were in high school, or they’re being the person that they wanted to be in high school.”

And while that “can lead to really beautiful changes,” Savannah notes that “it can also bring out a really, really sad side of someone.”

She shows off her completed glam for the evening, saying, “I don’t know about this… but I don’t have time to doubt myself.”

“They didn’t deserve to see you slay so hard that night”

Savannah’s video received praise from TikTok users. Many found comfort in her sharing her struggles in such an unfiltered way.

“i feel this,” wrote @thenuocmami.

“‘i don’t have time to doubt myself’ are my new words to live by,” said @twifybyfmf.

“‘you haven’t met all the people that will love you yet’ is something i’m always reminding myself,” shared @alexabeckford.

“They didn’t deserve to see you slay so hard that night,” wrote @lab1a.lover.

As Savannah proudly shows us, it’s better to know your worth and surround yourself with people who care for you than dwell on those who don’t.

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