Colleagues discover unbelievable link between them after chance conversation

A student midwife is stunned to discover she has been working along side the woman who delivered her 20 years ago.

Laura Woffendin, from Yorkshire in the UK, was working in the labour ward with midwife Emma Reevell, 50, at Pinderfields Hospital when the pair discovered it wasn't the first time they'd met.

Emma had delivered Laura 20 years ago and by chance, Laura's mum, Lynn Woffendin, still remembered the midwife’s name and even had a photograph wth Emma after she gave birth to Laura in 1999.

Laura delivered her first baby in April with the help of Emma – a mementos occasion for them both.

“I had no idea the midwife who delivered me worked at the same hospital, it was only when I mentioned how good of a mentor she is to my mum Lynn that she recognised the name,” Laura said.

“When she then told me that Emma was the midwife who had delivered me, I couldn’t believe it.

Laura Woffendin, from Pontefract, Yorkshire, with midwife Emma Reevell, 50, and Noor Fatima - the first baby Laura delivered. Source: Caters

“We then spent the night searching through all our old photos to find the picture which was taken straight after my birth.

“The next day I took it in to work to show Emma and explain the coincidence, it was quite emotional for us both.

“It was a magical moment and all of the other staff were just as shocked as they gathered around to look at the picture too.”

Emma, a mother of two, has been a midwife for 27 years and has also previously worked with Laura’s dad, Ian, who was a student nurse.

“At first I was wondering why Laura was showing me a picture of me looking younger and then she told me,” Emma said.

“It was a surreal moment, I couldn’t believe how much of a coincidence it was.

Mum-of-two, Emma, from Hemsworth, West Yorks (left) pictured with Laura's mum shortly after delivering her. Source: Caters

“It’s crazy to think that this small child I brought into the world is now training to be a midwife. It’s a lovely feeling though and makes it all a little bit more special.

Both women have followed in their family’s footsteps, with Emma following the path of her mum Leslie, and Laura taking the same route as her late grandma Shirley.

Laura added: “It is almost in my genes to work in the medical field as both my parents are qualified nurses and my grandma was a midwife.

“I always knew I wanted to work in the medical industry, but I didn’t know which sector I would like to work in.

“When my grandma passed away, I inherited her community midwife bag and everything inside it, along with her midwifery badges and books and that decided it for me.”

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