Collapsed Perth wall crumbles again

The wall of a historic Perth building that collapsed on top of a car, trapping a woman inside, has crumbled again.

Bricks forming part of the upper external facade at the Matilda Bay Brewery Company building, on Stirling Highway in North Fremantle, fell on Monday afternoon following storms and strong winds.

Fire crews cut open the passenger side door of a car to free a woman, aged in her 30s, before she was taken to Royal Perth Hospital with suspected fractures.

The City of Fremantle said on Tuesday that there was another collapse of part of the southern wall of the building in the morning, but the newly erected perimeter fence stopped any further injury or damage.

The site remains closed off and security staff are preventing public access.

The northern lane of Coventry Parade will remain closed until further notice.

The city has also issued a building order requiring tenants to vacate offices on the southern side.

"The property owners have engaged a certified structural engineer to ascertain the structural integrity of the entire building and must repair or remove the facades and any other areas identified by the engineer," a spokesperson said.

The building, which was sold to developers in 2014, is registered on the city's municipal heritage inventory but is not on the state heritage list.