Colin Farrell gets emotional talking about LA’s homeless crisis on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

On Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday, actor Colin Farrell’s mood suddenly changed during an interview with fill-in host Wanda Sykes, after he brought up the current homelessness crisis in Los Angeles. It’s a problem that is especially prevalant in Hollywood where the show is taped. Farrell was talking about the difficulty of the past year in terms of the pandemic and social unrest, before gesturing toward the outside of the building.

“The homelessness here. It's pretty tough to see,” Farrell said, beginning to tear up. “It's pretty tough to see. I don't get it. Am I doing anything about it right now? No. I'd like to think about doing something about it. I don't understand how so many people can be on the street.”

And this isn’t the first time Farrell has put a focus on this issue, not only does he work with an organization called the Homeless World Cup Foundation, but he’s been known to lend a helping hand to homeless people in the past.

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