Coles take another step to combat plastic bag complaints

Coles have taken a considerable step forward in appeasing customers’ frustrations after the single-use plastic ban bag saw shoppers turn on staff.

The decision to remove the bags from all stores saw a series of teething issues arise, including customers who were unable to use their own bags efficiently at self-service check outs.

Existing frames are designed to hold the single-use bags that were banned on July 1, meaning the 15c reusable bags and custom shopping bags are difficult to stack.

A spokesperson from the supermarket giant told Yahoo7 News they were now working on a plan to correct the issue.

“Coles is currently putting in custom designed frames that are easier for customers and our team, and we expect to have this completed in the coming weeks.

Customers have complained about the frames which are designed for single-use bags. Source: Getty

They said they were also working on providing “refresher training” to their staff on the best way to pack reusable bags of varying sizes and shapes.

Coles is also investing in thousands of additional hours of customer service for the busy back-to-school period.

Earlier this week, the chain said they would be extending their giveaway of free reusable bags.

Coles had originally announced that Sunday was the last day shoppers in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia could get the 15-cents reusable bags for free.

The supermarket chain said customers are still getting used to its ban on single-use plastic bags and free reusable bags will continue. Coles has not put an end date on the free bag offer.