Coles shoppers furious over subtle change to lunchbox staple

The supermarket is under fire over a change to a Kellogg's favourite.

Two packets of Kellogg's LCMs as seen in Coles.
Coles customers have noticed a change in LCMs, and they're not happy about it. (Source: Reddit)

Coles has responded to claims that Kellogg's LCMs have become the latest victim of "shrinkflation" after shoppers claimed the popular Aussie snack has been reduced in size but remains the same price.

A Reddit user shared a photo of a box of LCMs beside a newer one on a Coles shelf, writing: "Coles accidentally left an older packet on the shelf. Same price, one less bar."

Both boxes were listed as $4.50, and there is indeed a key difference: one box contains six bars, the other only five.

Another user was quick to point out that the differences were not limited to the number of bars in a packet. "6 bars = 132g = 22g per bar," they wrote. "5 bars = 100g = 20g per bar."

"That's a double punch," another user agreed in reference to the 2g size difference between the bars.

Coles responds

In response to the outcry, a Coles spokesperson told Yahoo Finance that the price of the item has in fact been amended to account for the removed sixth bar.

"While the pack size of LCM bars has recently changed from six bars to five bars in the box, so too has the price, which has been been reduced. Customers can now purchase a box of five LCMs for $4.50, lowered from $5 previously."

As for the 2g reduction in bar size? That equates to a price increase of 7c per bar, as they've gone from 83c to 90c each. The Coles spokesperson didn't address this change, while Kellogg's has not yet responded to our request for comment.

Shrinkflation on the rise

The news comes as Aussie consumers increasingly flag examples of shrinkflation at supermarkets. Other popular brands that have been called out for the practice in recent months include Arnott's, Ritz, Coles Bakery, Peters and Omo laundry detergent, owned by Unilever.

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