Coles shopper's 'disgusting' find while eating chicken dinner

Brooke Rolfe
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A Coles shopper couldn’t help but dry reach after spotting an object with an uncanny resemblance to a bodily organ amongst her dinner.

The customer picked up a hot roast chicken from the Kincumber store, on the NSW Central Coast, on Monday and used it in a chicken noodle soup for her family’s evening meal.

While making their way through the soup, the woman and her partner began to grow suspicious of some strange pieces of meat on their plate.

About three quarters of the way in, they picked out the odd bits and came to the unsettling realisation that it looked strikingly similar to small chunks of brain.

Photo shows the front of the Kincumber Coles.
The hot roast chicken was bought from the Kincumber on Monday. Source Google Maps

“I started to dry reach and pushed my food away then we had to google to see what it was,” the shopper told Yahoo News Australia.

The mum-of-two said she wasn’t sure if she, her partner or kids, aged five and six, consumed any of the brain-like substance.

“Seeing it put us off our food straight away. I haven’t been feeling the best since but I’m not sure if that’s related to the chicken or not,” she said.

The remnants of the chicken were swiftly tossed away following the traumatic ordeal, which left the woman perplexed over how such a thing could occur.

“I was disgusted especially when the head doesn’t even come with the chicken, so I don’t understand how someone can have that much lack of care,” she said.

Photo shows bits of chicken brain on a dinner plate.
These little pieces of meat were what the shopper believed to be pieces of chicken brain. Source: Supplied

The woman understandably kept the disturbing find hidden from her young children to avoid scaring them.

After raising the issue with Coles, the customer said she was offered a $10 refund for the chicken, and after protesting their offer, was offered a $10 voucher.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said customers unsatisfied with the quality of a product were welcome to return it for their money back.

“Coles takes the quality of all our products seriously. As always we encourage customers to return any item they’re not 100% happy with to their nearest store for a full refund or replacement,” they said in a statement.

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