Coles shopper raises eyebrows with $1.49 meat haul for dinner party

A Coles shopper has shared her impressive bargain meat haul after picking up a whole chicken for just 23 cents and gourmet sausages for 15 cents.

The bargain shopper excitedly took to TikTok to share her bargains of assorted meat and vegetables with nothing priced over $1.

In her short video captioned “Coles Haul”, TikTok user @billyfzeus showed her 79.5K followers exactly what she picked up for a grand total of just $1.49.

Woman shows off Coles meat haul.
The shopper revealed she picked up a whole chicken for just 23 cents and a pack of chicken breast fillets for 30 cents. Source: TikTok/@billyfzeus

Presenting each bargain buy to the camera, she happily showed off the cheap grocery items she picked up, ranging from 15 cents to 30 cents.

“The Coles special clearances for today,” she says at the beginning of the video before going through each item.

Her shop included Primo gourmet sausages for 15 cents, a pack of Lilydale free-range chicken breast for 29 cents, a whole chicken for 23 cents, a second pack of Lilydale free-range chicken breast for 30 cents, an Asian style pack salad for 25 cents and a bag of organic carrots for 27 cents.

Coles shoppers respond: 'I've never seen those prices'

Incredibly, her extremely cheap Coles haul scored her a full meal for less than $1.50 for her family and guests she had over for dinner.

“Dinner is solved,” she said, wrapping up her video with a thumbs up and a happy dance.

Other shoppers were equally as impressed, with her video receiving more than 10K views in a matter of days.

Woman celebrates Coles meat haul.
The excited shopper ended her video with a happy dance after picking up some super markdown items. Source: TikTok/@billyfzeus

“I’ve never seen those prices at Coles in my entire life,” one impressed person said.

“OMG I need to go shopping with you... I never find bargains like this,” added another.

“Awesome, you got such good stuff,” commented a third.

Coles customers question huge buy: 'What's the used by date?'

However, some questioned whether the chicken products were safe to eat or had something wrong with it at such a low price.

“That cheap because of the used by date?” one person questioned.

“Never risk chicken, other meats are fine, but no to chicken,” added another.

But the successful shopper said the products had a used by date of the day of purchase or the day after.

Woman showing Coles meat savings.
The savvy shopper said her bargain buy fed her family and her guests for dinner. Source: TikTok/@billyfzeus

She added that her family and guests “cooked and demolished” all the meat before it had expired.

“It’s common practice in Australia if it's no good for the public [to buy] they throw them out as they are liable,” she said.

She went on to say that the meal was cooked “perfectly” and that there was nothing wrong with her bargain buy.

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