Coles shopper stunned by price of beloved treat: 'National tragedy'

The current price of a Coles mud cake has stunned fans of the chocolate treat.

Not even the iconic Coles mud cake is immune to inflation, with the popular treat now sitting on shelves above an expensive price tag.

As a long-adored staple at children's birthday parties, with the cake tasting of nostalgia for many Aussies, one Sydney customer was saddened to spot it now on sale for $6.40, despite it reportedly priced at $4.80 at the end of 2021.

She communicated her strong feelings online, branding the discovery a "national tragedy".

The Coles mud cake can be seen on a stacked shelf beside a price tag marked $6.40.
Customers were 'annoyed' to find the popular Coles mud cake price had increased despite the supermarket announcing a price slash. Source: Reddit/imedgylole

Coles respond to price rise backlash

Despite the supermarket slashing prices last week to help combat the ongoing cost of living crisis, Coles acknowledge the customer favourite was not included on the reduced price list.

“As a result of rising cost of raw materials and production, there have been some changes to the price of our Coles mud cakes," a Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

"We know this is a popular product for our customers, and we do not take these price changes lightly."

The Reddit post which highlighted the price hike was met with disapproval online, with many sharing they were displeased by the cost of the cake, as well as its notable size reduction.

"Crazy! It seems recently these were like $4 or even $3.50?" one wrote.

"I was pretty annoyed a couple of years ago. Seemed like it was half the height," another shared, while a third agreed he noticed the cakes had "shrunk".

The mud cake is the latest item in a long line of treats now costing supermarket customers more, with popular cereals and chips also being bumped up in price.

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