Coles shopper makes deadly discovery on broccoli

Jade Aliprandi

A man has found the perfect excuse not to eat his broccoli.

The Brisbane man says he found a redback spider crawling around on his broccoli that he bought from Coles.

The shopper says he was less than impressed when he found the venomous spider but was even more annoyed after the response he claims he received from the Chadstone store he bought the broccoli from.

"I don’t write these publicly as I understand things can happen and don’t like to bring it into the public’s view, which is why I tried to resolve this privately. But so far I’ve been unhappy with your response," he wrote on the company's Facebook page.

The Brisbane man claims his broccoli had a redback spider in it. Source: Facebook

"I purchased some groceries... when I got home to do some cooking I noticed a little critter on my broccoli.

"Not wanting him to escape somewhere I sprayed some bug spray in there. I then called your Chadstone store immediately to let them know, so they could check their fresh food produce to make sure there are no others around.

"They thanked me for letting them know and hung up before I could ask for some more broccoli as I no longer had any I could eat."

The customer said he then attempted to contact the company in a private message to see if he could pick up some more broccoli next time he was in store but claims he hadn't heard back at the time he wrote the post.

Redback spiders are highly venomous. Source: Getty Images / Stock image

"Your website says that you’ll provide a replacement or refund if I contact your online team, which I have done and was promised... but still haven’t received anything," he said.

"I’m pretty easy going, I’m not kicking up a stink - but I feel like my matter wasn’t taken very seriously, otherwise it would have been resolved by now."

"I feel like I did the right thing by you by calling up your store immediately and letting them know, I feel like you are yet to do the right thing by me."

A company representative responded to his post 14 hours later and said they were "sorry to hear about this disappointing experience".

"So we can look into this for you, could you please private message us with your best postal address," the rep finished.

The redback spider is a highly venomous spider.

A person commented on the shopper's post and asked him why he didn't "just rinse it off rather than spraying your food" to which he replied "I could have, but I didn’t - I wanted to avoid touching it".

A spokesperson for Coles told Yahoo7 the company is taking the matter seriously.

"Coles takes the quality of all our products seriously. We have contacted the customer and will follow up with our supplier to investigate the matter," the spokesperson said.