Coles 'set to launch' Christmas Little Shop collectables

Josh Dutton
News Reporter

It appears Coles Little Shop collectables are set to return in the form of a Christmas edition expected to be released next week.

Yahoo7 has learned five more Little Shop collectables are expected to be available from December 7 for every $30 spent online and in store.

It follows what’s believed to be a leaked Coles’ internal email informing them of the “big” news.

In a statement to Yahoo7, a Coles spokeswoman could not confirm or deny the launch. 

A note believed to be distributed by Coles internally about the launch of a Christmas set of Little Shop collectables. Source: Supplied

“All I am able to say at this stage is that Santa never gives away his secrets,” she said. 

A social media user said: “Here we go again”.

“Apparently only five this time phew,” another social media user said.

“I can’t decide whether this is good or bad,” someone else joked.

Earlier this month, Woolworths released its own line of Christmas Pop-Outs. 

The Woolworths collectables, consisting of 12 buildable cardboard characters including Santa and Gingerbread Man, are available to collect over a four-week period with three released each week. 

The previous Coles Little Shop collection. Source: Coles

However the initiative hasn’t been met with the same enthusiasm as Coles’ Little Shop campaign, with dozens of customers taking to social media to lambast their attempt to replicate their rival’s success. 

“Sorry Woolies but cardboard cut outs of random Christmas characters just doesn’t compare to Coles minis,” one Facebook user said, drawing in over 200 likes.