Coles shopper's 'concerning' find in sausage roll

Brooke Rolfe
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An overly tough object found inside a Coles sausage roll could have caused the person eating it to choke, one angry customer has claimed.

The shopper said one of the party sausage rolls from the supermarket’s 24 pack was so hard it could have easily have been mistaken for an animal hoof or someone’s tooth.

“Hey Coles, nothing better than a nice sausage roll, right? Unless that sausage roll contains something hard and almost breaks your teeth and chokes you,” they wrote in a post to Facebook.

Front of a Coles store.
A mini sausage roll ordered from the Macarthur Square store apparently contained a tooth-breaking object. Source: Getty Images

“Not sure if it's the hardest piece of gristle ever, part of a hoof, or indeed part of someone else's tooth.”

They added the product was delivered from the Macarthur Square Coles, south of Campbelltown in NSW, just over a fortnight ago.

The party pack, which was ordered online, had an expiry date of November next year, the shopper said.

An image of the object in question revealed a small white item that appeared to be about half a centimetre in length and width.

Small white object pulled from a Coles party sausage roll.
This was the small object the customer claimed she pulled from the party sausage roll. Source: Facebook

Coles ‘concerned’ by shopper’s find

A Coles employee responded to the complaint saying they were “concerned” over the shopper’s experience.

“We're concerned to see that you encountered this issue with our sausage rolls purchased at our Macarthur Square store, as we pride ourselves on our strict quality controls and we're sorry to learn this hasn't been the case this time around,” they wrote in a comment.

“We hope you're okay?” they asked, before requesting further information to “pass this along”.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Coles for further comment.

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