Coles reveals vegan twist on popular Christmas items

Coles is set to roll out hundreds of new items for Christmas 2020, including an exciting new addition likely to appeal to vegans across the country.

Fruit platters needn’t be the best option on offer come dessert time for plant based eaters, with the supermarket for the first time this year launching an egg free meringue.

Packs of the vanilla flavoured gluten free “drops” will soon feature on Coles shelves across the country, along with a host of other items suitable to vegan shoppers.

Pudding has also been added to the menu for plant based eaters, with a vanilla sponge pudding and rich chocolate sauce to feature in stores in time for Christmas.

Photo shows spread of Coles Christmas products, including a pack of vegan meringues.
Vegans will this year be able to join in on a classic dessert usually reserved for non-vegans only. Source: Yahoo News Australia

The retailer has also launched a plant based roast and a sweet chutney to serve it with, giving vegans no reason to miss out on the lunch-time classic.

A vegan mushroom gravy will be on offer to complement the roast, while a vegetable medley will come prepared in pre-cut packs, ready to be barbecued straight away.

Veggie lovers can delve into a whopping 1.4kg pack of pre-cut snacking vegetables which will launch alongside the other Christmas items, and dip into the Coles chipotle hummus.

A stand-out dessert sure to be the centre of attention is a new Ferrero Rocher-like dome shaped mousse with a “decadent hazelnut” centre, which will serve 10 people for $28.

Also shaped into a dome is a passionfruit and white chocolate mousse, with a passionfruit curd centre.

Photo shows a Coles Ferrero Rocher-like mousse cake launching for Christmas.
Coles is launched a $28 Ferrero Rocher-like mousse with a “decadent hazelnut” centre. Source: Coles

Those looking to impress their guests might consider flaming the Coles spiced rum pudding, which promises a “hidden spiced rum punch centre”.

Classic favourites like the pavlova, panettone and fruit mince pies will also make a reappearance this year, alongside modern offerings like the salted caramel mini tarts and fruit mince mini tarts.

Households looking to save time in the kitchen will find a variety of pre-made nibblies like haloumi chips, spring rolls, empanadas, croquettes, mozzarella balls, corn fritters and arancini balls.

Customers will begin seeing the Coles Christmas products appear on shelves this week, with more to feature in coming weeks before the full range becomes available.

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