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Coles responds after shoppers rage at 'awful' new website

Coles has unveiled a new-look website, which aims to make shopping "easier for customers" but it has been slammed as "frustrating" and "annoying" by furious customers trying to buy groceries for Christmas.

"Some of the great features include faster checkout, a simplified design, and an easy add-to-cart function directly from the digital catalogue," a spokesperson for Coles told Yahoo News. However, shoppers on a budget have demanded to know why popular search options have been removed.

Customers found they can no longer filter grocery items by the lowest unit price when using their mobile device, although this feature appears to still be available on the full browser version of the site. Shoppers are also upset they can no longer search through items they've previously bought online.

Old and new pages on Coles mobile site
Coles customers are unhappy with changes to the supermarket's online ordering system, including the removal of the lowest unit price sorting filter. Source: Coles

'I rely on that'

One outraged Coles shopper took vented her disappointment with the removal of the lowest unit price search filter from the mobile site. "That is so important for everyone that is trying to do their online shopping and stay within a budget," she declared in a TikTok video. "Mind blown why they would take that away."

Other customers echoed the woman's sentiments. "I rely on that search option," one viewer commented, and another added, "This was the only reason I shopped with Coles until Woolies finally caught up and added it too."

The Coles Facebook page has also been bombarded with complaints about the new-look website, with some shoppers even threatening to boycott the supermarket. One customer deemed it the "worst online shopping website" she has ever used. "Where's the sorting by A to Z, lowest unit pricing, bought before specials etc? Absolutely HATE IT," she wrote. Others described the site as "awful", "garbage" and a "muddled up mess".

Coles delivers good news

Fortunately for shoppers who were unimpressed with the new website, Coles confirmed that customer favourites, including the "sort by unit price" feature, will return from mid-January. "Customers who wish to provide feedback are encouraged to do so via the website," the Coles spokesperson added.

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