Coles hack to save $93.50 off your next shop

Coles is offering 10 per cent off its Mastercard Gift Cards for a limited time only.

Saving money. Coles supermarket.
Coles has revealed an easy way to save money off your next shop. (Source: Getty/AAP)

Thrifty Aussies could save almost $100 off their groceries, petrol and more, with this Coles shopping hack.

From now until Tuesday, May 2, Coles is offering New South Wales Flybuys customers a 10 per cent discount on its $100 and $250 Mastercard gift cards.

The gift cards can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted - so that includes your groceries, petrol, household bills, eating out and more.

But there are a few catches. Firstly, the gift cards come with a purchase fee. The $100 gift card charges a $5 fee, meaning customers can pick up the discounted card for $94.50 total ($5.50 saving). The $250 gift card charges a $7 fee, so customers can get the card for $231.30 ($18.70 saving).

Secondly, there’s a cap of five gift cards per customer. That means Aussies who buy five $250 gift cards can potentially save $93.50 altogether. While that’s obviously a big upfront cost, it could be worth considering for savvy Aussie families who have the extra cash to spare.

Recent research by Finder found the average Aussie household spent $185 on their weekly grocery shop, up $37 a week from last year.

Coles said they knew many Aussies were looking for ways to stretch their weekly budget as the cost of living soars.

“The 10 per cent off selected Coles Mastercard Gift Cards will provide some temporary relief on everyday expenses, as the gift cards can be used on anything from the weekly shop to paying the household bills,” Coles general manager for health and home Deb Galle said.

“If you’ve been saving up for something special, this could also be the time to make that purchase.”

The discounts are available only at Coles supermarkets in New South Wales. To get the discount, customers need to be a Flybuys member.

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