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Firefighters rescue boy after mishap at Coles store

A young boy got himself caught in a sticky situation while shopping at a Coles supermarket with his parents on Sunday.

A photo seen by Yahoo News Australia shows the child stuck inside a claw machine filled with toys at the Edmonton store in Cairns.

It is understood the boy — who appears to be a toddler — climbed in through the prize shoot at the bottom of the game.

It's believed firefighters from Cairns South Fire and Rescue Station were called to the scene to rescue the boy and were able to free him within minutes back through the shoot in which he entered.

The boy stuck inside the claw machine at the Coles store in Edmonton, Cairns.
A young boy got stuck inside a claw machine at the Coles store in Edmonton, Cairns. Source: Getty/Facebook

The child was unharmed during the ordeal and loved the attention of bystanders, Yahoo understands. He remained in good spirits throughout despite the growing crowd.

The boy and his parents left the supermarket quickly after he was freed.

It's not known what the parents were doing when the boy climbed into the machine.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Coles for comment.

Firefighters rush to toddler's aid

The Queensland child wasn't the only young boy in need of rescuing this week.

A three-year-old from Melbourne also found himself in a bit of a jam, getting his hand stuck in a train station bench.

His dad was forced to call Country Fire Authority after he looked around and realised the rest of the platform was empty and there was no one around to help.

Although distressed at first, the little boy was not injured and firefighters were able to free his hand.

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