Coles delivery brazenly stolen as couple fearing coronavirus self-isolate

Thieves have been filmed stealing a grocery delivery from an Adelaide couple agonisingly awaiting the results of their coronavirus tests.

The couple, from Salisbury East in the city’s north, shared video of the brazen thieves who took off with their goods with 10 News First.

Amy told the site she asked the Coles delivery driver to leave the food at the front of the house in case she and her partner were sick with coronavirus.

Two people take off with groceries from outside a Salisbury East home. Source: 10 News First

They had recently returned from France and were preparing to self-quarantine should the results of a COVID-19 test came back positive.

The groceries arrived at 9pm on Wednesday but within minutes they were gone.

“We walked outside, and at first we thought the delivery had arrived because the receipt and the eggs were still on the chair, and we thought maybe the delivery had been put around the side of the house but we looked and they weren't there," Amy said.

Amy checked back at security footage from outside her home. It shows two people taking off with the bags of groceries.

The couple say they reported it to SA Police. Coles has been contacted for comment.

In good news, neither member of the couple tested positive.

On Wednesday, Victoria’s health department recommended people begin to “add a few more essential items” to their “regular shop”.

There’s been mass panic surrounding toilet paper and Coles introduced a two-item per-customer limit on a number of items on Saturday including flour, rice, pasta and tissues.

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