Coles customer 'shocked' to find birds eating bread in store

A pair of hungry birds have been caught inside a Coles supermarket helping themselves to a couple of loaves of bread.

Two opportunistic pigeons were filmed by a Sydney shopper on Sunday evening, who in video described the situation "awkward".

"I went to grab a bread and was shocked to see a pigeon," he told Yahoo News Australia.

He added the pair of pesky birds didn't seem to be "afraid or anything" and were "just chilling, eating bread".

Two pigeons eating some bread inside a Sydney Coles store.
Two pigeons were spotted tucking into some bread inside a Sydney Coles store on Sunday evening. Source: Twitter/TheNinjaKuma

The customer was in the store just after 9pm when he saw them pecking away at what appeared to be two loaves of Coles brand white bread.

"Well this is awkward as f***. They literally got into the supermarket," he was heard saying in the video, which he uploaded to Twitter.

The birds seemed to have travelled deep into the store for their meal, as they were seen perching on a stack of crates near a door to the storeroom.

"Alright, keep doing your thing," the shopper was heard saying in the video as he moved on through the store.

He told Yahoo News Australia he still managed to negotiate his way to a loaf of bread for himself.

As he picked up the rest of his groceries, he mentioned the birds to a staff member filling the shelves.

"Not sure what happened with the pigeons after that," he said.

Coles investigates pigeons seen inside store

A Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the supermarket is investigating the incident.

“Coles has an integrated pest management system, which primarily focuses on keeping pests out of our stores, then controlling pests should they find their way into our stores," a Coles spokesperson said.

"We were concerned to see this vision and have reached out to the customer to identify the store so we can address the issue.”

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