Coles customer horrified by 'disgusting' find in pre-packed salad

A Coles customer has made a "disgusting" discovery after digging into her Coles pre-packed Caesar salad.

Sharing her unwelcome surprise to the Coles Facebook page, shopper Steph from NSW said she was shocked to find ‘multiple slugs’ throughout her packaged Coles Caesar salad.

Steph told Yahoo News Australia that after preparing her pre-washed salad, she sat down with her partner to eat, but after one bite they instantly realised the salad was inedible.

A slug is clearly visible in the salad bowl.
A Coles shopper has found several slugs in her salad. Source: Facebook

“We did eat one [slug], but my partner spat it out straight away which made us look inside the bowl,” she said.

“I was definitely not hungry afterward, as it was disgusting and threw my appetite out the window.”

She went on to say that her pre-packaged Coles salad contained "definitely more than three" slugs.

“I took a picture of one and threw it out straight away. I will not be purchasing one again,” she added.

‘That’s gross!’ customers react to slug in salad

Her post has since received more than 280 comments from shoppers who were equally as horrified with her discovery, with many saying this is the reason they don’t purchase pre-packed salads.

“That so disgusting, the only salad I will eat and now, never again thanks to Coles yuck!! Such a turn-off,” one person said.

“Never eating Coles salad again,” said another.

Coles store.
A Coles shopper lost her appetite when she spotted several slugs in her pre-packaged salad. Source: Getty Images

“That's just turned me off. I think from now on I will double wash, the normal salad mix, as well,” commented a third.

However, others didn’t see an issue with it saying, it was normal to find bugs on fruit and vegetables.

“At least you know it’s fresh. Just pick them out,” one person said.

Another added: “You now know that it's fresh with no chemicals.”

Coles respond to ‘disgusting’ find

Coles reached out to Steph after commenting on her post, saying what she found was "concerning".

“Coles told me they will just replace it, but after that experience, I don’t want another one and then I asked how else can I be compensated,” Steph said, but she’s yet to receive a further response.

Coles trolleys. Source: AAP
The supermarket has apologised to the customer. Source: AAP

The retail giant told Yahoo News Australia that they take “the quality of all our products seriously”.

“We have contacted the customer to get more information and will follow up with our supplier to investigate the matter,” a spokesperson said.

“As always we encourage customers to return any item they’re not 100% happy with to their nearest store for a full refund or replacement.”

What can happen if you eat a slug?

Consuming a slug can potentially be life-threatening. In 2018 a young Sydney man died eight years after eating a slug as a dare left him paralysed.

NSW Health states that humans can contract Rat Lungworm from slugs and snails that have come into contact with rat faeces.

Humans can contract the disease if they eat an infected slug or snail.

While most cases are mild and show no symptoms, others experience headaches, tingling or pain in the skin, fever, nausea, and vomiting.

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