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Coles customer furious after finding trolleys in vital spot

A driver with a disabled parking permit has lashed out at Coles after spotting the supermarket’s trolley collectors using a disable car space to move trolleys.

The frustrated shopper posted a photo of what appeared to be a Coles trolley collector lining up dozens of Coles trolleys in a clearly labelled disabled parking zone at a carpark in Sydney’s Hills District, stating it wasn’t the first time they had witnessed the behaviour.

“As a driver with a mobility parking pass, I’m getting really tired of getting to Castle Towers and finding that one of the two mobility parking spaces being used by your trolley collectors.

“Surely they can unload the trailer and put the trolleys either on the pedestrian side or straight through to the trolley storage area behind the two spaces,” the upset man wrote on the Coles Facebook page.

Coles trolleys lined up in a disable parking car space
An upset Coles customer said staff use the disable parking spaces to unload trolleys. Source: Facebook/AAP

Coles were quick to respond and told the customer they would get in touch with the store manager at Castle Hill.

“We're disappointed to see this as we pride ourselves on providing a welcoming environment for all of our customers. We'll ensure this is shared with our store manager so they're aware and we trust you'll notice an improvement in the future,” a Coles spokesperson responded on Facebook.

The customer then responded and said when he returned to his vehicle Coles staff were smoking in a non-smoking area.

“Could you also have them remind their staff that the car park is a 100% NO SMOKING area. I got back to my car and saw a young male smoking less than 2 metres from a sign,” he wrote.

A Coles spokesperson replied and apologised, stating they would also be in touch with store management about the smoking issue.

“We trust you won't encounter this again,” a spokesperson wrote.

A Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the trolleys were only placed in the car space temporarily while they were collected and returned to the store.

They stated it wasn’t their normal process and they would make sure it didn’t happen again.

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