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Coles Coco Pops 'special' price leaves Aussie woman stunned: 'A joke'

As people continue to share their shock at rising supermarket prices, the cost of Coco Pops at Coles caught one shopper's eye.

Popular cereal Coco Pops is the latest food item to be spotted with an outrageously high price tag, as supermarket prices continue to shock Australian shoppers.

A video taken by another disgruntled customer joins a long list of content posted online, further highlighting the real issue thousands of Aussies are facing when doing their groceries.

Lauren Whitney was less than impressed by a Coles promotional deal offering two 650 gram boxes of Kellogg's Coco Pops cereal for $17.10. The yellow sticker showcasing the deal noted that $1.90 would be saved if customers were to buy two boxes rather than one, priced at $9.50 each.

Ms Whitney shocked by Coles price of Coco Pops.
Lauren Whitney was shocked by the price of a box of cereal in her local Coles store in Brisbane. Source: Source: Tiktok/Lauren Whitney and Kellogg's.

"This is a f***ing joke, right?" she asked in disbelief.

The regular price for other Kellogg's varieties, including Just Right and Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes, is also $9.50 for a similar-sized box.

A smaller box of Coco Pops weighing 350 grams sells for $7 at Coles. Fruit Loops are $7 for the same size, and Frosties are $6.50. The regular price of a 650g of Coco Pops at Woolworths is also $9.50, but is selling for half price this week.

Social media response

Hundreds of people posted comments on the woman's video, expressing their shock at the price of Coco Pops at Coles.

"When did Kelloggs become a designer brand?" one asked.

"I just got mortgage papers for next week's grocery shop," another said.

Kellogg's offer 19 different brands of cereal to Aussies, however, with the popular breakfast option not immune to supermarket price rises, many are opting for cheaper alternatives

"I think I will start having Vegemite and toast," one user shared.

Cereal boxes on supermarket shelf.
Kellogg's provides many of Aussie's favourite breakfast cereals. Source: Getty

Supermarket prices continue to rise

Aussies continue to feel the pinch from rising supermarket prices.

According to a recent study carried out by investment bank UBS, customers shopping at Coles in December 2022 would have encountered an overall 9.1 per cent price increase compared to when they did their grocery shop at the start of the calendar year.

This price jump was most notably accelerated in the last few months of the year, suggesting supermarket price rises show no sign of slowing down in early 2023.

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