Coles checkout worker's surprising shopping bag review: 'Perfect'

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A Coles checkout worker has taken to TikTok to answer the age-old supermarket question once and for all: which shopping bag is the best?

The staffer, @lillytagliano, shared a video to TikTok where she rated several customer shopping bags out of 10 based on efficiency and packing ability.

The 11-second TikTok video, captioned: “Coles life or no life”, shows the supermarket worker rating various shopping bags used by customers while Jason Derulo plays on a loop in the background.

“Rating customer bags as a Coles worker,” the checkout connoisseur writes in the video.

Coles staffer rates several shopping bags on TikTok.
The Coles staffer shared a TikTok video where she rated several customer shopping bags out of 10. Source: TikTok/@lillytagliano

She starts with the Coles 15-cent Better Bag, which she gives a score of 10/10, saying they’re “easy to pack, cheap, and big and efficient”.

When it comes to Coles customers who bring Woolworths Bag for Good reusable bags into the store, she gives them a 4/10 saying: “You’re not at Woolworths, you’re at Coles” and deems them the “enemy”.

Although trolley bags may be more environmentally friendly and efficient for customers, the checkout worker says they’re “horrible, hard to pack, annoying, and big and heavy”– awarding them a -76/10.

The Coles employee shows the same contempt for “massive hipster tote bags”, which she gives a 2/10 for being “ugly, annoying and heavy, and hard to pack”.

Finally, the TikTok video concludes on a high note with the Coles Big Bag. The reusable bag was awarded an huge rating of 10,000/10 by the supermarket worker.

She writes: “Perfect size, easy to pack and perfect overall.”

The TikTok video has been capturing the attention of many Aussies online, amassing thousands of views and hundreds of likes since it was shared on Sunday.

Two Woolworths checkout staff bag groceries.
A Woolworths employee playfully antagonised the Coles worker in the comments. Source: Getty

Checkout workers share their own packing experiences

Unsurprisingly, many of the comments on the video were from supermarket workers who shared their own experiences with the online community.

“Any bag that has a square bottom I love,” one supermarket employee agreed.

“I’ve been given a tote bag to pack $600 worth of groceries and they refused to buy more bags,” another wrote.

While a Woolworths employee playfully antagonised the Coles worker in the comments, saying: “Woolies represent, those bags slap.”

The comment was quickly shut down with a quick “nope” from the Coles employee.

Staffers share disturbing finds in customer’s shopping bags

Meanwhile, a fellow supermarket staffer took the opportunity to share some of the disturbing things she had found in customer’s bags.

“I've seen bird s*** in someone’s bag,” one supermarket staffer explained.

The TikToker responded: “The worst, and spiders in the bags.”

“What about a rotten sock?” the checkout worker asked.

This is not the first time supermarket workers have disclosed their terrifying discoveries in customers' personal shopping bags.

Screenshot of Facebook comment from Woolworths staff.
Dozens of staff members revealed their own horror experiences at the checkout. Source: Facebook

Previously, a Woolworths staffer sparked debate online when they started a thread on Facebook by posting the question: “What’s the worst thing you’ve seen in a customer’s bags [sic] when serving them?”

He kicked things off by sharing his own experience: “A spider nest (with spiders).”

The post was quickly inundated with other workers keen to share their own horror stories.

“Dirty nappies. Dead and alive insects. Dead and alive spiders. Dead mouse. Mouse s**t. Used needle without cap. Muddy footy boots. Used tissues,” one woman wrote.

Several supermarket staff also reported finding live mice, frogs, cockroaches, spiders and even a live snake inside the bags.

Woolworths confirmed to Yahoo News Australia team members can refuse to handle "unsafe and unhygienic shopping bags".

"We find the vast majority of our customers bring bags that are in good condition," a Woolworths spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said if the fabric Bag for Good, costing 99 cents, gets damaged it will be replaced for free no matter how old it is.

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