Coles cashier exposes worst customer habits: 'Don't do these things'

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A Coles staffer has shared a list of the most frustrating things customers do at checkouts that annoy cashiers.

The employee took to TikTok to reveal seven pet peeves that she asked shoppers not to do, which includes putting heavy items on the conveyor belt and asking her to "smile more".

"Don't do these things," she told customers in the six-second clip, which has garnered almost 10,000 views since it was posted earlier this week.

Coles employee and overlayed list of bad customer habits
A Coles cashier has revealed seven of the most frustrating things customers do and say when they’re at the checkout. Source: TikTok

Bad habits

According to the Coles cashier, the most annoying customer habits include:

  • Not removing your card even though it says remove card.

  • Putting your Flybuys through at the end.

  • Saying: "You look bored, I'll give you something to do."

  • Saying: "Smile more."

  • Paying for your groceries and then giving me extra cents after it already went through.

  • Inserting your card when you can just tap.

  • Putting heavy items on the conveyor.

  • Coming through to my conveyor belt when I have my sign up.

'Puts me in a bad mood'

The post has struck a chord with other supermarket workers who agreed with the list of the woman's gripes.

"The 'smile more' is the one that puts me in a bad mood for the rest of my shift," one woman replied.

"THIS," two others seconded, while another added, "'Hey how's it going!' says nothing."

"Cannot stand people that do this, especially if I've got a good scan rate. They take too slow and stuff it up," the TikToker added in the comments.

"I only mind because at our company we have to get good scan rates and anything below 12 is considered bad," she added. "When people use their cards, it's longer than 60 seconds, which makes our scan rates go below what where suppose too [sic]."

This isn't the first time an Aussie supermarket employee has aired her grievances with shoppers on social media.

One deli worker at Woolworths took to Facebook to vent about how shoppers would leave handprints all over the glass window, while another staffer went viral after impersonating an infuriatingly vague customer.

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