Supermarket stoush: Bloody brawl in Coles caught on video

Sunday afternoon grocery shopping at a Coles supermarket was suddenly disrupted when a violent fight broke out between two men.

Richard Harding and his wife had just made their way into the Chermside shopping centre, in Brisbane's north, when he heard one man yell at the top of his lungs – leaving frightened shoppers stuck in their tracks.

“I heard someone yell out ‘oi’, I turned back and it was on,” he told Yahoo7 News.

“I’m not sure what started it, possibly someone said something to the other guy or his missus."

The two men can be seen exchanging punches as another shopper attempts to break them up. Source: Facebook/Richard Harding

Footage of the violent brawl shows two men, one without a shirt, throwing haymakers and wrestling each other to the ground.

“One of them had a kid, he was there with his missus and his kid… I mean Christ almighty, you’re in Coles,” Mr Harding added.

“There was blood dripping all over the place… it was terrifying, the shoppers and staff were all pretty shocked.

Another customer can be seen making desperate attempts to separate the fighters as other witnessess yell at them to stop.

Mr Harding said his wife quickly called police – prompting both parties to flee the store within minutes.

The fighting shoppers fled the store within minutes after they were told police had been called. Source: Facebook/Richard Harding

“They were gone straight away… some staff came to clean up [the blood],” Mr Harding said

Mr Harding said they went on to finish their shopping but 15 minutes later, there was still no sign of police or security.

A spokesperson for Queensland Police told Yahoo7 News said “at this stage there has been no complaint forthcoming” regarding the incident.

A manager from Coles Chermside told Yahoo7 the matter was now before the police.