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Coles apologises, offers credit for 'ruining Christmas' for some online shoppers

Coles has apologised and offered compensation to a number of online customers after the supermarket was accused of ruining Christmas by not delivering their correct orders.

Supermarket giant Coles was slammed on social media at Christmas for not coming through with orders, leaving many without their hams, turkeys and various other festive items. Some Woolworths customers also voiced complaints, but the problems were not as widespread.

Some customers were given sub-standard products in lieu of their ordered seasonable food. Others said they received orders late or not at all.

More than a week after the backlash, Coles has given some customers $100 credits for the online store and apologised for the unfulfilled orders, Fairfax reports.

"Whilst we know there is no way we can adequately make up for the incomplete delivery you received at this very busy time, we would like to apologise by providing you with a credit of $100 for your next Coles Online shop," an email from Coles sent to some customers stated.

A spokeswoman for the supermarket said they were taking steps to provide recompense for the Christmas order errors.

"We received a limited number of calls from customers who did not receive all of the products they ordered – we have since apologised to these customers and either provided a gift card, refund or alternative product they were satisfied with," the spokeswoman said.

A Woolworths spokesman told Yahoo7 that while there were some incomplete orders - as is to be expected - the majority of customers were satisfied with their Christmas deliveries.

He added Woolies is always prompt in apologising when orders are not correct or late.

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