Meet the Aussie sisters turning surfing on its head

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Meet some of Australia's top surfers: The Coffey sisters Photo: Instagram/hollydazecoffeyyy

Professional athletes with model looks and a social media following most can only dream of, the Coffey sisters are the triple threat the surfing world never saw coming.

Hailing from a big family of seven, sisters Holly, Ellie-Jean, Ruby and Bonnie are making waves - and catching them - with their colourful Instagram feeds that mix itty bitty bikini shots with jaw-dropping surfing stills.

Professional surfers Holly and Ellie-Jean have been in the sport since the ages of eight and ten, and qualified number 90, and number 96 respectively in the Women’s Qualifying Series in 2017.

Between the four of them, the sisters have a joint social following of almost three million and walk the line between their surfing careers and online modelling with apparent ease.

“We wear sexy bikinis and we surf good and that’s just what we do,” Holly told Yahoo Lifestyle with a shrug.

A unique lifestyle

Ellie and Holly say its a 'pink surfboard' mentality they want to spread. Photo: Instagram/hollydazecoffeyyy

When the girls were school-aged, their parents packed up their lives into a caravan and took their brood around the country.

On the road, the family were homeschooled, and with no school-friends on hand they became far closer than most siblings.

This Ellie-Jean says, is where their Instagram lives began.

“We were just surfing and living a beach lifestyle then social media came around,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

From there the girls have exploded online.

The eldest of the bunch, 24-year-old Ellie leads the charge with one millions fans online, with the next in line, 20-year-old Holly snapping at her heels with over 900k.

Ellie and Holly aren't scared of sharing a cheeky shot or two online. Photo: Instagram/hollydazecoffeyyy

Younger sisters Ruby and Bonnie boast 300k, and 500k respectively, and while its’ clear the girls’ cheeky photos have a lot to do with it, Ellie says that it’s a deliberate choice by the surfing siblings.

Pink surfboards

Holly says she can be sexy and a standout in the water, regardless of what critics say. Photo: Instagram/hollydazecoffeyyy

Ellie and Holly explained that they are determined not to censor their Instagrams to enhance their sporting image because they say they shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

They want to carve out a uniquely feminine spot in a predominantly male world.

“For such a long time in the surfing industry it’s been so male dominated where women were expected to talk like a guy, act like a guy surf like a guy,” Ellie said.

“We can have pink surfboards and surf the same.”

Holly agrees adding, “Why can’t we post sexy photos in bikinis and be taken seriously, why does that take away from anything?”

And they don’t just say it either.

Though currently recovering from injuries, the sisters have big plans to dive back into the international surfing scene next year and taking on the qualifying series once again.

Until then, they have zero plans to ramp down the raunchy content for one simple reason.

“Be whatever you want to be, do whatever feels comfortable,” said Holly.

“We feel very comfortable in our bikinis.”

The Coffey sisters are making waves, and catching them. Photo: Instagram/aylaelainephotography

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