'Cockroaches found' in Brisbane buns

Cockroaches have reportedly been dished out with a serving of pork dumplings at Brisbane's Night Noodle Markets. Source, Twitter: Anne Debert

A customer at Brisbane's Night Noodle Markets nearly had added crunch in his pork dumplings.

Cockroaches were reportedly found in a food container at the South Bank event on Thursday night and Brisbane council officers are investigating the claim.

It's understood the man had already chowed down on one bun when he noticed the additional serving of protein.

"We definitely have officers out there today investigating the vendor that served the pork buns," councillor Krista Adams told ABC Radio.

"We take it very seriously when we get these reports."

An ABC producer shared pictures of the box of dumplings reportedly purchased from the vendor.

In them, the typically indestructible bugs can be seen squashed up against the sides of the pork buns.

There are also dead insects visible at the bottom of the packaging.

The claims are the first of their kind levelled against a market stallholder, organisers said in a statement.

However, they conceded no one appreciate "unannounced bugs" in their food and said there were plans to talk to the accused vendor.

It's the second year the 12-night event has been held in Brisbane, running from the end of July until early August.

Morning news break – July 24