Cockroach a rude shock for Maccas customer

Cockroach a rude shock for Maccas customer

Biting into a juicy chicken burger was a guilty pleasure Warnbro resident Tamara Watson once enjoyed, until she discovered her McDonald’s McChicken burger was topped with a cockroach.

After a long day at work last Wednesday, Miss Watson said she returned home to her partner who had picked up takeaway food, from McDonald’s Warnbro restaurant, for dinner.

“I got home and opened up the burger, because I normally have extra mayo on it, and it (the cockroach) was right there, it was so easy to see,” she said.

“If I hadn’t opened my burger, I would have eaten it, and that is the worst part… how many people actually open their burgers to find out what is inside?”

In utter disgust, Miss Watson said she jumped in her car and took the burger back.

“I didn’t say is there a bug there I just said, ‘open up this burger and tell me what is inside, don’t you dare tell me it is just a piece of lettuce and the guy turned around like, not again sort of thing,” she said.

Miss Watson claimed the McDonald’s worker told her he had already thrown out three bags of lettuce because they were littered with bugs.

“He offered me a free meal and I said ‘there is no way, I just want a refund’,” she said.

After being refused a refund Miss Watson took the matter to McDonald’s Perth head office.

A McDonald’s spokeswoman said the incident was being investigated and they were liaising with Miss Watson directly.

“We take all of our customers’ complaints very seriously and have strict food safety processes and systems in place,” she said.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s Innaloo restaurant was fined $25,000 after it was convicted of “systematic failures” in cleanliness and maintenance at Perth Magistrate’s Court last Friday, after inspectors reported finding an army of cockroaches at the store.

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