CM Punk confirmed to appear at WWE Elimination Chamber

cm punk wwe
CM Punk confirmed for WWE Elimination ChamberWWE

CM Punk has been announced for WWE's Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event next month.

Punk returned to WWE at Survivor Series in November and now he's set to wrestle in Australia for the first time in 11 years, Fox Sports has confirmed.

This year's Elimination Chamber will be held on Saturday, February 24 at the Optus Stadium in Perth. It is the first of the main 12 WWE PLEs to be held in Australia.

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Also announced for the event so far are Seth Rollins, Logan Paul, Dominik Mysterio, Grayson Waller, LA Knight, Cody Rhodes, and WWE Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley.

Meanwhile, CM Punk recently opened up about his WWE return while appearing on The Jackie Redmond Show.

Describing how he felt on the day, Punk said (via Fightful): "100% of CM Punk was nervous. Returning to wrestling is one thing. Returning to WWE is a completely different animal.

"I didn't know how things would go. It's not like I was off TV for a super long time, but you still, as a performer, you're like, 'Is anyone going to remember me?'"

Punk added that the venue, Chicago's Allstate Arena, where he'd also had his first UFC fight, had not been kind to him in the past.

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All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

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"It was also hugely cathartic because I'm very much a guy who, if you ask me if I'm ready, I'm going to tell you 'no' because part of the juice is being in front of a live crowd," he added.

"I'm the old guy on the ice now. I can stretch and warm up and I'm not going to be ready until I'm on the ice, the whistle blows, and the puck drops.

"Now, I'm ready. I need to be in front of the crowd and I need to see the red light on the camera and it's like, 'Okay, now, it's go time.'"

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