Clothing store sparks outrage after releasing T-shirt with shocking image

A shocking image of a former Australian teenage detainee hooded and restrained in a chair has been used by an American clothing shop on one of its T-shirts.

Las Vegas streetwear shop KNYEW called the shirt “Detention Tee”, which was yellow in colour and featured a picture of former Northern Territory youth detention detainee Dylan Voller in a restraining chair wearing a spit-hood.

The words “faded youth” were written on the picture and “youth detention” was written on the back of the T-shirt.

KNYEW on Saturday apologised, saying it had fired the designer and pulled the T-shirt from its shelves and website.

KNYEW’s T-shirt sparked outrage. Source: KNYEW

“(We) would like to apologise for any pain we have caused especially to Dylan and his family,” KNYEW posted on its Facebook page.

“Our lack of research for the imagery used is 100 per cent our mistake and we accept full responsibility for that. The tee was not designed to glorify the torturing and abuse of the youth but rather the opposite.”

The company went on to say less than 50 of the T-shirts had been produced.

The notorious Don Dale Youth Detention Centre, where Mr Voller was a detainee, came under heavy scrutiny after the shocking footage of him restrained became public.

Mr Voller’s experience helped spark a royal commission into youth detention.