What Is Closed on Juneteenth?

Mark your calendars because there’s a holiday approaching! Juneteenth, which takes place on June 19, falls on Wednesday this year. While Juneteenth officially became America’s twelfth federal holiday in 2021, it’s been celebrated and observed by communities across the country for more than a century.

To recognize this special day, many business and service centers close. Oftentimes, local establishments, such as restaurants and stores also choose to keep their doors shut. However, some places, like Target, Best Buy and Starbucks, who do recognize Juneteenth as a company holiday, will still remain open. That’s why it’s always best to call a day or two beforehand to see what hours of operation businesses will be open on that day where you live, because they can vary by location.

To check out our list of what will be closed, keep reading. We include them all below as well as a brief rundown on the holiday.

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What Is Juneteenth?

If you’re not familiar with Juneteenth, it’s a day of recognition and a time to reflect and commemorate the end of slavery in the United States. It’s a crucial moment in our nation’s history that marks our country's second independence day. Sometimes it’s also referred to as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day.

Back in 1865, on June 19, federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, and informed the 250,000 enslaved people there that they were free. To celebrate the end of slavery, this day became known as Juneteenth. However, it didn’t officially become a national holiday until a few years ago. 

“Today, we consecrate Juneteenth for what it ought to be, what it must be: a national holiday,” President Biden exclaimed in his speech before signing the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act into law.

Is the Post Office Closed on Juneteenth?

Make sure you send out any cards or deadline-prone packages and letters before June 19, because the United States Post Office (USPS) will be closed across the country on Juneteenth. That also means that no mail will be delivered from them that day, so don’t bother checking your mailbox that night. All services will resume the following day on Thursday, June 20.

However, FedEx and UPS locations will be operating as normal, as well as providing pickup and delivery services that day.

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Are Banks Closed on Juneteenth?

If you need to cash a check or make a withdrawal, keep in mind that because Juneteenth is observed by the Federal Reserve, most major banks will be closed that day. That means, Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, TD Bank, etc., won’t be open.

However, ATMs and online banking services will still be available if you need them.

Are Libraries Closed on Juneteenth?

Like other major holidays, libraries across the U.S. will be closed on Juneteenth. They will be open the day before and after, though, in case you need to drop off a book or check one out.

What Is Closed on Juneteenth?

  • Public schools

  • Select college campuses (This varies by school.)

  • Wall Street

  • The Stock Market

  • Local gyms (This varies by business.)

  • State courts

  • Public pools (This varies by city.)

  • State offices

  • Trash and recycling collection (This varies by city.)

  • Municipal Offices

  • The DMV

  • Select stores/restaurants (This varies by local businesses.)

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