Close call for CNN crew caught in active Russian shelling in Ukraine

Clarissa Ward and her CNN crew had a close call with Russian shelling in Kharkiv, Ukraine on Monday, and showed the footage on Anderson Cooper 360. Ward was following paramedics as they responded to a call of a man injured when his apartment building was hit. This is particularly dangerous since Russia has adopted a “double tap” policy in which they shell the same spot moments after they originally hit it in an attempt to take out the rescuers.

When they arrived to search for the man, Ward, her crew and the paramedics were forced to take cover in a stairwell. Several explosions can be heard as the camera shakes due to the impacts. One of Ward’s team members needed medical attention after the attack because she cut her hands on broken glass. Ultimately, Ward and her crew had no choice but to make a run for their vehicle and flee the area as quickly as possible.

Video transcript


- Get in, Vladimir shouts. Faster, faster, faster! You take cover under the stairwell.

KYLIE MAR: Reporting from Kharkiv, Ukraine Monday, CNN's Clarissa Ward and her crew got a scare when they were forced to take cover in an apartment building as Russia continued its assault on residential areas. Ward and her team were following paramedics, which is particularly dangerous as rescue workers have now become targets themselves. And they experienced firsthand just how dangerous that can be.

- Brace for the impact.


KYLIE MAR: The blasts led to a blown-out window on the ambulance and a member of Ward's team needing medical attention.

- Our team member Maria Abdieva has cut up her hands on broken glass. Vladimir treats her injuries, as Alexandra calls the dispatch again to find where the wounded are.

KYLIE MAR: And ultimately, Ward and her crew had no other option but to run for it.

- 1, 2, 3, let's go! Go! Come on!

- Maria! Maria, come on! Come on, Maria! Come on! Go, go! Get in the car. Get in the car! [INAUDIBLE]

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