Climber finds body of missing mountaineer 30 years after his disappearance

A mountain climber has stumbled upon the remains of a man who disappeared on the same peak three decades ago, found still wearing his climbing gear.

According to local media, mountaineer Nicolas Borgueno was climbing in the western Argentine province of Mendoza when he spotted a colourful object in his path.

As he approached the bright mass, he quickly realised it was the remains of a man still wearing his climbing gear.

It appeared similar to the famous case of New Zealander Rob Hall, whose body still remains atop Everest after he died there in 1996 as depicted in the 2015 movie Everest.

Mr Borgueno immediately descended the mountain to inform the local authorities.

The mountain climber then assisted a team of five police officers to locate the body and attempt to bring it back down.

A mountain climber has stumbled across the remains of a man who disappeared on the peak 30 years ago. Source: CEN/Australscope

According to reports, they found the dead climber still wearing his backpack 5000 metres up the mountain at Rincon in El Salto, in the Potrerillos district, after a 12-hour operation.

Rescue team member Alejandro Alonso said the body has not yet been identified, but it is expected to belong to a Spanish climber who disappeared up the mountain 30 years ago.

According to local media, the man is the only person in recent records to have gone missing in the area.

It is believed that changes in ice formations in recent years helped to make the climber’s body more visible, and it appears as though he fell down a crevasse and became stuck.

The investigation is ongoing.


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