Clevedon: £425,000 to change controversial seafront scheme agreed

Clevedon seafront road markings showing wavy lines alongside parked cars
The scheme has come in for heavy criticism since being introduced

Controversial changes to a seafront road will be replaced after a £425,000 revamp was approved.

North Somerset Council removed parking to introduce a 400m segregated cycle lane and wavey lines which the RAC described as "bizarre".

On Wednesday, councillors unanimously agreed to remove the road markings, which came in for heavy criticism.

North Somerset Council leader Mike Bell said the authority is working with "the right intentions".

The changes were originally made to "make the area safer" by "helping slow traffic down", the authority previously said.

According the new council's plans, the one-way system and 20mph speed limit will remain in place, but the road will not be completely restored.

Some parking will be re-installed, although there will not be as many spaces as the original scheme, and parts of the pavement will be widened further.

The roundabout will become a standard mini-roundabout and there will be a single contraflow cycle lane.

A car driving across the painted circle on Clevedon seafront
The roundabout will be changed to a 'standard mini roundabout'

Speaking in the authority's executive committee on Wednesday, councillor Hannah Young said the changes are the "right things to do".

"We have got to be really clear, in any schemes that we do going forward, that we are getting them as right as possible in respect of aspects of safety, and the multi-users in particular areas.

"I think that is complex and I think there has been learning in this for everyone."

Ms Young said trying to find a scheme that enables all types of users "to operate together is phenomenally difficult".

"There is a question in my mind as to whether any scheme can effectively manage the needs of so many users at once," she said.

The authority needs to take £153,000 out of its budget, along with £50,000 which had been allocated to repairing the slipway in Clevedon, to help meet the estimated £425,000 cost needed to fund the works to the road.

Other sources of funding for the works include another unallocated £21,000 from the Great Lakes project, along with section 106 money from developers and local transport plan funding.

The council hopes the work will start in autumn and be completed by the end of the year.

Council leader Mike Bell said: "Does this mean that we will get everything right, that this is going to be perfect and that this is the ideal solution for Clevedon seafront?

"I guarantee you that it will not be because we are never going to be perfect. But are we doing it with the right intentions? Absolutely we are."

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