Cleo cop stood down amid corruption probe

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The decision to stand down a prominent West Australian homicide detective accused of misconduct does not mean he is guilty, the state's police chief says.

WA Police and the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) have launched a joint investigation into allegations against Detective Senior Sergeant Cameron Blaine.

Det Sen Sgt Blaine last year played a central role in the rescue of kidnapped four-year-old Cleo Smith.

He was captured on video asking Cleo what her name was after she was rescued by officers in the regional town of Carnarvon.

The senior detective has been stood down by police while the investigation into his alleged misconduct continues.

Police Commissioner Col Blanch on Wednesday said he was unable to provide details of the allegations.

"It is very early in the investigation. We have taken the action of standing down the officer and I think that's important to mention," he told ABC radio.

"As a general rule, that is a normal process in policing. It doesn't mean that anyone is guilty or innocent or anything.

"All it means is that we are conducting an investigation jointly with the CCC and in fact in this case, the CCC has the bulk of the investigation at the moment."

Mr Blanch declined to comment on whether the complaint involved other parties but did not believe it had come from within the police force.

"We stand down police because keeping the public confidence in the transparency about police integrity is the most important part about this process," he said.

"It's important that no one reaches any conclusions at this stage because a complaint can come ... from any member of the public straight into the CCC about the conduct of any police officer."

The CCC on Tuesday confirmed it was investigating the officer but declined to outline details of the probe.

"Oversight of police conduct is an integral part of the Corruption and Crime Commission's work and accounts for a significant amount of allegations it receives," the CCC said in a statement.

Det Snr Sgt Blaine was one of four detectives who found Cleo locked in a Carnarvon house on November 4.

Terence Darrell Kelly, 37, pleaded guilty to kidnapping Cleo earlier this year and could face up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced in December.