Cleanest Woolworths ever? Hilarious theories about 'perfect' store

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A supermarket customer has wowed fellow shoppers with a look at the "cleanest" Woolworths he's ever come across.

While shopping recently, the man decided to share the store's immaculate aisles with the world.

"Is this the tidiest Woolworths you've ever seen?" asks TikTok user @mcticktock in the now-viral video.

Woolworths trolleys; Woolworths sauce aisle
A supermarket shopper has amazed fellow Aussies after sharing a video of the "cleanest" Woolworths he'd ever seen. Source: Getty/TikTok/@mcticktock

"Look at it, everything is perfect, not a thing out of place," he says.

In the clip, captioned "the cleanest Woolworths", the man takes viewers on a virtual tour of the pristine supermarket.

Starting in the condiments section, the TikToker pans the camera across to the health food, beverage and cosmetics aisles – all of which feature immaculately placed walls of products.

'Rare sight'

"Those pick-up, pack-up, tidy fairies have been here to this store," jokes the man in the video, while filming unblemished shelves of Heinz condiments and neatly stacked packs of pasta.

"Look at that. Have you ever seen anything like it?" he asks viewers as he continues to move through the store.

"It is perfect," he exclaims.

As he approaches the confectionery aisle, which is often left in a state of chaos by busy shoppers and children, he is struck again by its unusually flawless state.

Woolworths tidy aisles
The Woolworths shopper was struck by the "rare" sight of the store's immaculate confectionery aisle. Source: TikTok/@mcticktock

"This is a rare sight, the lolly aisle, look at it – even it's perfect," he laughs.

He concludes by saying the condition of the store is "every Woolworths worker's dream" as there is no mess to clean up.

"It's crazy, how does this happen?" he asks.

Woolies customers flood comments with theories

The shopper's "satisfying" video captured the attention of Aussies, amassing over 259,400 views and 20,000 likes in a matter of days.

Thousands of viewers flooded the comments with theories as to why the store looks impeccable.

"Either no one shops there or they got people rostered just for facing," commented one person.

Woolworths shoppers leave supermarket with grocery bags
TikTok users flooded the comments with their own theories as to why the store looked flawless. Source: AAP

"Tell me you're good at your job, without telling me you're good at your job," commented a second.

"RUN. IT'S A SIMULATION," joked a third.

"I'm convinced the manager is out the back, whipping the employees," kidded another TikToker.

"Just filmed an ad," guessed another.

"I think this is one of those fake stores to pretend a country's economy is stronger than it is," suggested someone else, while another wrote, "It's in North Korea."

Others joked that the store is in mint condition because people can't afford to shop at supermarkets anymore due to inflation, while many were simply shocked to see the shelves fully stocked amid ongoing product shortages.

'Regional manager's in town', say supermarket staff

Several supermarket employees suggested the store looks they way it does due to an impending visit from upper management.

"Lol, the area managers were in town no doubt!" wrote one supermarket worker.

"Regional Manager's in town," agreed a second.

"It's inspection day. They used to make us stay all night until 5am," commented another.

Another wrote: "It happens when the store is expecting a visit from a senior executive. All hands on deck, make the store look spotless."

Other supermarket employees pointed out that this is simply how stores look when they first open after nightfill staff had finished situating every product so the labels face forward.

Mystery solved

Many viewers guessed that the supermarket was opening for the first time, which the creator confirmed.

The TikToker revealed that "it's a new store" in reference to Woolworths Mountview in Redbank Plains, Queensland, which opened on Friday 24 June.

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