Cleaner calls out 'cruel' manager in frank note after quitting job

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A cleaner has penned a savage takedown of her manager after resigning from her job of 35 years.

Joe Cousins, from Southampton in England, tweeted a photo of the note written by his 64-year-old mum, Julie, for her “awful manager”.

“I’ve left the job... after the way you dressed me down in the office,” she wrote.

Julie Cousins' resignation note is pictured.
Julie Cousins penned this note upon leaving her job of 35 years. Source: Twitter/ Joe Cousins

“It was nothing more than aggressive and cruel but that’s a reflection on your character not mine.

“So going forward please all of you remember in a world when you can be anything, be kind.

“Because you are all no better than the cleaner.”

Mum speaks out after penning resignation

Ms Cousins told Mail Online she largely liked her job as a cleaner and often worked from 5pm onwards.

She had been cleaning for 35 years, but had been cleaning at a bank for the past half a decade.

“I've had seven children, look after the kids all day, get dinner ready, hubby come in, leave at 5pm and do the cleaning,” she told the publication.

Ms Cousins added cleaners were "the forgotten people" referring to how working after 5pm she rarely saw any office workers.

The mum said she could have stayed in her role, but wanted to move on and work with people she felt "comfortable with".

Julie Cousins pictured with her son, Joe Cousins.
Julie Cousins with her son, Joe, who tweeted out her note. Source: Instagram/ Joe Cousins

Praise for mum's note

On Twitter, people praised Ms Cousins for her note and derided her manager.

“Never understood why people think what they do for a living reflects their importance,” one woman tweeted.

“I was raised to believe that a job is a job and anyone getting up and going to work deserves the same respect, whether they pick up trash or run the company. Good for your mum! Respect!”

One man called Ms Cousins’ manager “a clown” for giving her a “dressing down” in public.

“Always remember that a clown always needs an audience,” he tweeted.

Others said the note came as a reminder for people to treat custodial, hospitality and customer service staff with respect and dignity.

Some also relayed their own stories working in similar roles.

“Well done her,” one woman tweeted.

“My dad was a caretaker of a school for 30 years. So many rude staff. When I started teaching I swore I would always be friendly to all staff contributing to the school.”

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