Claim received for £11.4 million Lotto jackpot

A claim has been received for the £11.4 million Lotto ‘Must be Won’ jackpot prize from Saturday’s draw, organisers have confirmed.

Allwyn, operator of The National Lottery, said on Thursday a single ticket-holder had come forward for the £11,449,068 prize win.

The claim will now go through the usual validation process before any prize is paid out at an appointment with one of Allwyn’s winners’ advisers.

Once the ticket has been validated and paid, the ticketholder will decide whether or not to go public and share their news.

Andy Carter, senior winners’ adviser at The National Lottery, said: “We’re so excited that this incredible Lotto jackpot prize has now been claimed.

“This ticket-holder was certainly keeping us on our toes by waiting a few days before coming forward, but now they have made their claim the possibilities for this lucky ticket-holder with a whopping £11.4m in their bank account are endless!

“We will now focus on supporting this latest Lotto jackpot-winning ticket-holder through the process and helping them start to enjoy their truly life-changing win.”

Two other ticket-holders have also won £1 million each this month in draws on June 5 and June 8.

The next Lotto draw on Saturday (June 15) will have an estimated jackpot of £3.9 million.