Circus slammed for dressing kangaroo up as ballerina

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

A photo of a kangaroo dressed as a ballerina taking part in a Russian circus has infuriated Australian animal liberationists.

The shocking image was uploaded to animal rights Instagram page Lis Help Animals last week, and soon went viral.

In the undated photo, the native Australian animal is dressed in a pink tutu and pink ballet slippers, and has a leather strap around its neck with a wooden pole tied to it.

Behind the animal are two circus performers while a large audience is visible in the background of the photo.

“Russian circus. Kangaroos doing ballet. You read correctly. Another way to exploit exotic animals, under the disguise of a delicate ballet,” the post read.

“Abused animals, entertaining over 70 million Russian circus-goers.”

A photo of a kangaroo dressed as a ballerina at a Russian circus has infuriated Australian social media users. Source: Instagram/li_help_animals

Thousands were outraged at the sight, expressing their concern in comments left beneath the photo after it was shared to Animal Rights/Vegan Australia’s Facebook.

“Kangaroos do not belong in tutus doing tricks in a circus! They are wild animals and belong in the wild! This is animal abuse,” someone wrote.

“This is bloody ridiculous. Animals are NOT for entertainment. This Roo should be in our Aussie bush with his mob,” another person said.

One social media user was baffled at the animal being transported to Russia, saying, “This is disgusting how did they managed to get our native animals and do this to them” [sic].

It is unclear when or where the image was taken but the photograph is very similar to 2014 footage still available on YouTube of a routine performed by the Russia State Circus.

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